Swedens largest sawmill association

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The Sawmill Association Såg i Syd

This is the largest regional association of sawmills in Sweden, having approx. 70 member companies/groups of companies of which one is listed on the stock exchange.

Our member companies are typically family-owned and have an annual of some 4.2 million m3 of sawn products, i.e. nearly 25% of Swedens total production of timber products, and some 50% of the total production of all purchasing sawmills.
Most of the wood supplied to our mills is purchased on the open market from private forest owners.

Together, the Såg i Syd member companies employ 3,000 people, and have an annual turnover of approx 6 billion SEK, of which more than 3 billion SEK is export revenue.

The Såg i Syd office is located in Jönköping and employs 3 people, including the associations service company, SåSy AB.
The members of the board of both Såg i Syd and SåSy AB are elected at the associations AGM.
Såg i Syd is a member of the Swedish Sawmill Federation. Såg i Syd also works in close cooperation with the Swedish Forest   Industries Federation.

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